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weatherwise. it will be chilly this time of year with a temperature of 54 degrees. >> good morning. water main breaks are the issue this morning to watch for us to travel. one closure on cold spring and stadium way. watch for those this morning. major roads checking out ok. 11 minutes on the outer loop, 5 minutes to go south 95 it from the 895 split to fort mchenry. utility work on pulaski highway around the area of 222. 95 north of 195, so far so good north and southbound here. utility work blocking some
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utility -- some islands on pulaski highway. westbound closures. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> and other busy day for baltimore public workers. two busy streets still shut down this morning. >> they are definitely going to impact the commute. when did this all happen? >> this all started early yesterday morning. the two water main breaks really not all that far apart. they happen six or seven hours a part. this one here on the york road. the bulldozer is on, but no digging is going on. the first one started in the 1800 block of east coldspring lane. officials say both breaks are
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unrelated. right now, they are saying this has nothing to do with hurricanes and the. the culprit is an old age. >> we cannot predict when it will happen with the old infrastructure. >> morgan state university was affected by this, but no residents in this area was without water. york road, 40 homes without water. that is not a good thing for those folks. there is no time frame on when they are going to get this done. they say to have patience, it may be a little while. jennifer franciotti, tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police are looking for a missing man. he was last seen in the 2900 block of rogers avenue. he was driving a blue sinata.
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-- sonata. he weighs 145 pounds and suffers from dementia. he was last seen wearing a yellow jacket, a green shirt, black pants and is missing his front teeth. if you see ronald brown call 911. funeral services will be held today for the soldier killed. he was home on his first day of leave and helping his brother unload groceries when two men approached and opened fire. the funeral begins at 11:00 this morning at st. veronica's catholic church in south baltimore. as the week comes to an end, we cut -- cleanup for the hurricanes aftermath continues.
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>> you can see how much the number has changed over the course of the week, especially in the last two is alone. these are the numbers each day. bge officials have restored power to 98% of customers. those in communities hardest hit to the north are entering their fifth day without power. >> the calvary is arriving. volunteers from out of state are working to get the lights back on in the northeast. for the millions of people without power, the lights have been out too long. >> there are people that have nothing except the clothes on their backs. >> it is frustrating to have to wait. >> very frustrating. >> desperation is replacing sadness. >> you need to come here and help us. >> crews are trying to salvage
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this thriving community. people locked out of their homes for safety reasons are losing patience. >> talk to the rest of the home owners. >> i do not care about a house. i would rather care about your life. >> hours long traffic jams and gas lines so long people are arriving literally on nt. >> we have been out here two and a half hours. >> many are questioning the mayor of's priorities as the city prepares for a marathon. >> we are pulling bodies out of water. d.c. the disconnect here? >> the pain from sandy still fresh. >> forecasters say another winter storm is already heading this way and could be here well before the power is back on next week.
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>> gov. martin o'malley was in western maryland during garrett county. most local roads are still impassable there. the main concern is getting help to senior citizens, the sick, and the disabled. fema has temporarily moved its headquarters out west to respond to the problems there. >> nbc will host a telethon for the victims of sandy. it will be hosted by matt lahar with performances by billy joel, bon jovi and more. it airs tonight at 8:00 in the it right here. all the money raised will go to the american red cross relief. >> 41 degrees at the airport. people up and down the east coast are picking up the pieces following hurricane sandy.
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>> this is the scene after a recent storm in ohio. one mother said she made the right decision at the right time when we cover the nation. >> a live look at traffic. i-95 north of 195.
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with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. >> it is nine minutes after 5:00. 46 degrees downtown. a couple of sprinkles here and there, but not a big deal and it will not affect the traffic too much. chilly weather will stick around for the next couple of days. 45 in chestertown.
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the forecast for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. a 20% chance of a rain shower or sprinkle. a cool afternoon, but dry. we will take the forecast of the way through the weekend and a few minutes. >> two former penn state university officials will answer to criminal charges today. arraignments are scheduled for tim curly and gary schulze later this afternoon. the two already face charges, but what more was late on thursday, child endangerment. in ohio, three fell onto a home during -- a tree fell onto a home during a storm. >> if i did not have her in the
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bed with me, my middle daughter would probably not be here because the ceiling collapsed onto her bed. with the wood and a dry wall, it would have been in the middle of her. >> much of that home will have to be rebuilt. >> with four days until the election, obama and romney are anticipating the release of today's jobs report. a rally was rescheduled due to hurricane sandy. for more on how the jobs report will effective last few days of the campaign, about 15 minutes. >> we will have -- the latest apple tablet its stores today. >> some brick and mortar retailers are trying to keep up with the times in the holiday season. how some major stores are going
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digital. >> water main breaks affecting some roads again for the city. we will talk about closures due maryland, it's time. time for marriage equality. question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that?
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>> good morning. let's bring you up-to-date on what to expect as you head out in the next few minutes. water main breaks in between hill and hartford. also on york road. be prepared for extra time if you travel on those locations. also on westbound 40 at the
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memorial bridge. watch for closures due to utility work. a live look to see if any delays have popped up. 295, speeds about 63. not bad on 95 this morning. looking at a nice start on the major roadways. let's take a look -- a live look at traffic on 95 south of 195. everything moving well. as we switchover we will show you the closure of westbound 40 at the memorial bridge. be prepared for delays as utility work continues. that is the very latest. >> good morning. we have a delay on the metro subway running 10-15 minutes late. light rail is on schedule. on the buses, buses diverting at cold spring due to a water main break repair. one is going through park drive.
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>> good morning, everyone. things are quiet for this time on friday morning and it will stay that way through the weekend. no big weather stories to talk about. that is what we want to hear. a little disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it might produce a couple of sprinkles or a light rain shower. nothing that will slow down the traffic or cause any trouble. it is hard to see on the satellite. if you look really close, you can see a little circulation there. the clouds are starting to build up a round us. there have been a few snow flurries already developing a in the mountains. as the disturbance closer to baltimore, maybe a couple of sprinkles develop. you do have to take an umbrella or anything like that. it will reinforce the chilly
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temperatures that are already in place across the mid-atlantic. the average high temperature this time of year is still in the low 60's. we will stay in the low 50's this afternoon. 39 in parkton. the forecast for today -- a mixture of clouds and sunshine. chance of a sprinkle. the high temperatures this afternoon between 51 and 56. it will be a cold night. temperatures will drop into the 30's in most locations. there might be some frost when you wake up in the morning. sunset at 6:04. when you go to bed saturday night set your clocks back one hour. daylight savings time comes to an end. the sun will be setting around 5:00. election day the clouds will thicken up. there could be some rain tuesday night. as the storm comes up the coast,
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cold rain on wednesday with maybe even a few snow flakes mixed in. high-temperature near 48. >> in this morning's consumer alert, under armor is opening a new specialty store on south president street. it will include cutting edge technology, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and kids. the store is expected to open in february. we are in november, holiday shopping ramps up. some retailers have decided the best way to compete with digital competitors is to go digital themselves. >> even the giants of retailing system of their biggest competition is not the store next door, but the store online. >> they know that people will be whipping out their smartphones and pulling up to see what is amazon's price. >> t greater than toys r us and
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target have decided to get aggressive. >> price matching, reintroducing layaway, free shipping to your home are all steps physical stores are taking to avoid being something other than a showroom for their digital rivals. >> stores do not want to be amazon's showroom this year. is something we're seeing with a variety of promotions. >> they have rented they have to pay. they need to incentivize consumers to visit the stores. >> target is utilizing qr codes for easy access to its top toys. >> you can snap a picture of the item with your phone and have it shipped to your home for free. but i do not have to face the frustration of a shopping for three hours and finding what i
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want is not on the shelf. >> retailers expect some brick and borders to be more digital than traditional this year. -- brick and motors to be more digital. >> do you like to do your shopping online or in stores? >> apple's ipad mini comes out today, but wall street is focused on the jobs report today. good morning. how're you doing? >> good it. still no power. i am at bloomberg's headquarters. the stock exchanges going from a backup generator to regular power today. good morning to you. here this morning, as you mentioned, we are watching that jobs report. stock futures are very quiet as
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they typically are before the economic reports. this is the final report before next week's election. it will be out and about three hours. economists are forecasting it will show more americans out of work. the so-called fiscal cliff on tax increases and spending cuts raising the risk that expansion will be at a snail's pace. in the meantime, linkedin is a company benefiting from people looking for jobs. they sold more subscriptions to their expanding based. we had a little rally going on yesterday. some strong economic reports having to deal with consumer confidence, manufacturing, and all of that helping stocks of a good day. in the meantime, the ipad mini comes out today. as of yesterday, there was one
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guy a in line and he traveled more than three hours from brooklyn to get to the flagship store. this morning about two were three dozen people are in line. >> he is holding a spot for 7000 other people. that is what i understand. >> maybe he will come out was 7000 ipad minis. facebook had a real -- facebook had a huge roll out for their time line, but now they are already considering a change? >> i will have more details of what they are looking to do. and estimates on the damage for hurricane sandy is giong up. >>she is a ravens fan. 5:22. up next, our commitment 2012 report. >> more on why today posted jobs
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report could have an impact
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>> you may have heard the phrase it takes it's up to get a job. >> that may be true for the man hoping their next job will be president of the united states. >> this morning's commitment 2012 report. >> hello. let's talk predictions. economists think we will see the unemployment rate ticked up a little bit, but not above 8%. this comes as both candidates work overtime in the final weekend of campaigning. >> do you want four more years were 23 million americans are struggling to have a good job?
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>> our work is not done as long as there is a single american who wants a job and cannot find one. >> even though many people will watch to see how both candidates reacted today's snapshot of the economy, some say you should look at the big picture overall. the trend of the unemployment rate over several months. a vast majority of voters are already locked into a candidate. this may not move the needle significantly one way or the other. it could make a difference and perception. if the unemployment rate rises above 8% -- >> it reinforces everything the mitt romney campaign has been saying. we need to go a different direction. if it is lower than 8%, particularly if it is significantly lower, it reinforces what obama has been saying. >> all along this campaign season, voters have said the economy and jobs are there top issues. we should find out more in about
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three hours. >> i notice the political ad wars are really heating up. have you noticed the same thing? >> yes, and that is part of the strategy on behalf of both campaigns. recently republicans are doing an expand the map strategy where they are looking at states like minnesota and other states that were safe for the president. recently they lost an ad blitz targeting voters who may be voted for obama in 2008 but feel disappointed now. the obama campaign is coming back with their own ad in 10 states. according to reuters, this campaign may end up costing more than $6 billion. 1 billion of that went to all the tv ads. you're saying basically $1 billion worth of ads. >> thank you, allie. >> the time is 5:27 and it is 41
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degrees at the airport. >> water main break here on york road. it is not the only one in the city causing problems. >> there is no question new jersey was one of the hardest- hit areas. a look at the damage from sky team 11 aead. >> it will stay quiet. would be the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. -- we will give you the seven- day forecast in a few minutes.
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>> live, local, late breaking. >> welcome back to 11 news
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today. i am stan stovall. >> it is men and make dinner date. >> can you substitute "go get" for "make." >> if you want to take your wife out, i am sure that would be fine. >> as long as you can substitute some of the words, i am fine. >> 7-eleven has a chair in the corner. let's talk some weather here. it will be chilly. a good day for tracking and staying inside. the weather will be chilly for the next couple of days. 41 at the airport. there might be a sprinkle passing by. partly sunny skies going into the afternoon. the high-temperature only 54. the average temperature is in the low 60's. this is an unusually cool for the beginning of november.
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>> it will be in the 48's for the game. >> let's check with the morning commute. we are dealing with the water main break. closures along york road and coldspring. a live report on the latest in that area later. pulaski highway shutdown at the memorial bridge due to utility work. all westbound lanes are closed right now. we will let you know when we can open it. no delays to report here on parkville. still up to speed on the outside loop. i 70 and i-95 checking out ok. we are at 57 on southbound to 95 making your way down. -- 295. traffic looking good to and from
5:33 am
the beltway. we have a closure on route 40. it closed at the memorial bridge due to utility work. that is the very latest on traffic polls 11. -- pulse 11. >> a potential for big delays in the morning commute. two different water main breaks are slowing traffic. >> when it might these problems be fixed? >> that is definitely the $1 million question. we are here on the 4600 block of york road. that is basically york and cold spring lane. a bulldozer is digging up parts of the road putting it into this trap that arrived moments ago. definitely an inconvenience for drivers and for those without water.
5:34 am
hours later, another break an hour and a half away. >> the bricks are unrelated. they happen to occur within six or seven hours of each other. >> it is one of those things that happens with an old infrastructure. we cannot predict when it will happen. >> morgan state university was affected by the break, but no residents are without water. >> it is closed all the way down a couple of blocks. we expect it will take at least two more days. >> 40 homes and businesses are without water on york road. one was a day care that had to be evacuated. >> we this -- we found out we had no water. 10 minutes later i saw that we cannot serve anything without
5:35 am
water. >> they are replacing pipes more than one century old. >> we are increasing how many miles of the infrastructure we replace every year. over the next five years, we hope to be going at 40 miles per year. >> as for the day care, we are told no injuries were reported. everybody got out safely. they did suffer some water damage. officials say they have no time frame as of right now on fixing the water damage. >> slowly but surely, bge crews are restoring power to maryland residents. currently there are 3500 residents without power. the restoration will not be as rapid for places further north. sky team 11 flew over new jersey thursday to see how the
5:36 am
hurricane impacted the shoreline. they flew above her family's vacation home and said parts of the area are unrecognizable. mandatory evacuation were ordered on sunday, which explains why no deaths were reported in the area. for more, you can visit our web site you can see slide shows of the damage from maryland to new jersey and beyond it. stay up-to-date on any travel delays caused by the storm. you can also get this information on our app. >> officials say he brought a bb gun to school. officials found a loaded bb gun and then unloaded air soft pistol in a backpack. a letter sent home to parents, the principal rights -- the student was taken into custody. officials are asking for help
5:37 am
finding a suspect wanted in the sexual assault of a six-year old girl that happened at a family dollar stores nearly two weeks ago. investigators say the girl was waiting in line with a family member when the suspect sexually assaulted her. police released a picture of the suspect from a surveillance camera inside the store. >> some of the employees at the store did attempt to detain the suspect. however, the suspect did leave it. >> the man is described as hispanic, 5 ft. 6 with a medium build. he has two gold teeth with the letter "j" on one of them. it is 41 degrees at the airport at 5:37. >> how can you tell if it is actually a cold or allergies? we have tips in the medical alert.
5:38 am
>> do not forget to e-mail us your answers to the water cooler question of the day. the preferred to do shopping online or in stores? share your response on, on our facebook page, or send an email. >> if you delays due to water main breaks and we are tracking main breaks and we are tracking closures i've always been lucky.
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flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. >> welcome back. 46 degrees downtown. a quiet but chilly start for us. that is basically the story going into the weekend it. it will be on the chilly side. let's take a look at some of the
5:41 am
other numbers. 40 in randallstown. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. this morning i will put a 20% chance that you will run into a rainbow chance or sprinkled. you do not even need an umbrella. it will be breezy and cool this afternoon. when we come back in a few minutes, we will detail the forecast for the upcoming week. >> children seem to go from one illness to the next. you always wonder, is it a cold or allergies? >> susan hendricks' checks and with a physician to distinguish between the two. >> children spend a lot of time and sniffling and sneezing this time of year making it hard for parents to find out if it is a cold or elegies. >> running noses and sneezes are common to both. >> there are distinctions between the two.
5:42 am
>> allergies will have itchy eyes, it's chinos, itchy throat. those are hallmarks of allergies. >> colts have a few system -- symptoms that set them apart. one is a fever. children may develop an elevated temperature. that is not the case with allergies. a source throat with a cold is less common with allergies. allergies can last much longer than colds. >> if you have a child with symptoms every fall or spring lasting more than a couple of weeks, that is probably an allergy. >> of concerned, check with your pediatrician. >> good advice. despite a favorable record,the ravens are not taking this sunday's matchup lightly. >> vampires, ninjas, and video
5:43 am
game characters, plenty to choose from at the theaters this weekend. >> a chilly day as we head into the weekend.
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>> good morning. a look at the friday morning commute. so far the major roadways are shaping up nicely. we are giving you a live picture along york road where closures remain in effect while crews worked to repair a water main break. expect your right to be difficult in those areas this morning. let's also talk about the haten
5:46 am
memorial bridge on pulaski highway. there is utility work. in terms of traffic, if you do want to travel on 95, that is a much better bet. taking a look at the north side, 60 miles per hour on southbound 83 coming down to the beltway. delays on the west side as we continue to move well on i 70 toward the beltway. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> we are back on schedule on the metro subway. light rail is on time. the 8 bus with a diversion at cold spring. tell mta about your transit experience.
5:47 am
>> good morning, everyone. i do not have a lot to talk about as we head into the weekend it. that is a good thing. this is all quiet. it will be chilly, but nothing of significance that will affect the weather. there is a little disturbance coming across the ohio valley. you have to look close, you can barely see it right here, the rotation in the clouds. is producing cloud cover across baltimore after a clear sky. if you are watching us west of hagerstown, you might have a couple of snow flakes mixed in. as it comes toward baltimore, it should be nothing more than passing sprinkles. you can get by without umbrellas. it is chilly. these disturbances reenforce the cold air. the average temperatures are in the low 60's.
5:48 am
we will be in the 50's all weekend. 38 -- as a bit closer to the water it is a little bit warmer. the forecast for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. a 20% chance of sprinkles. overnight tonight these guys will clear. it will be cold. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, there will be some frost. sunset at 6:04. daylight savings time comes to an end it. set your clocks back one hour before you go to sleep saturday. the next chance for precipitation is tuesday. it will be a chilly rain with highs in the 40's on wednesday. most of the election day looks dry. >> thank you. video games have come a long way
5:49 am
since the black and white days of pong. the old arcade games do have a nostalgic place. >> a new animated tale of "wreck it ralph" finds out what happens when a video-game character johnson to a -- >> a video-game villain has a midlife crisis. john c reilly is the voice of the arcade smasher who decides he does not want to be the bad guy anymore. he inserts and self and to other games where he can play the hero. it is rated pg. >> the way you landed the plane is nothing short of a miracle. >> denzel washington plays a commercial airline pilot who survives a crash and saves most of the passengers on his plane in the process. as he is being celebrated,
5:50 am
medical records reveal he was drunk at the time of the accident. it is rated r. the wu tang clan gets a kung fu grip in "the man with the iron fist." he plays a blacksmith in china forced to make weapons for waring factions. he himself becomes a weapon. it is rated r. >> clueless gets bitten by the twighlight saga in "vamp." the fact that the new boyfriend comes from a family of vampire hunters might drive her to eat garlic. that is the box office preview. >> looks pretty funny. the time is 5:50, 41 degrees at
5:51 am
the airport. score early and keep it moving. that is the mindset of the ravens' offense. a previous next. -- preview next. music: guitar, clapping and whistling throughout.
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multivitamin coming in. on it chief! look alive people! smooth and steady guys.
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everything on schedule down here? yep, pretty regular. nice job. keep it strong. thanks. onward and upward! vo: launch your day. ...with the multivitamin made with 26 fruits and vegetables plus extra b-vitamins... ...for energy. alive. start feeling it.
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>> this morning we asked if you prefer to do holiday shopping online or in stores. we had mixed reviews this morning. clary says "old-fashioned i guess but i prefer to try on and know what i was getting the." >> i have been an online shopper for years. keep sending us those responses and we will read more the next hour. >>ravens reach the halfway point of the season sunday. the weather should not be a factor. the baltimore ravens are hoping to turn things around and play better on the road on sunday. they hope ray rice can come
5:55 am
close to doing what he did last year in cleveland which is rush for 200 yards. two weeks ago he ran for only 42. moving the ball early will be one of the keys to the game. >> it is one thing we are not quite as good at on the road as this -- at home is being on the same page. we are looking at everything from a communications standpoint how we can make sure on the road we're on the same page. >> on that same page, game time is at 1:00. the baltimore ravens had to san diego in three weeks. they put together a big fourth quarter to beat the chiefs last night. sean phillips with a fumble recovery and it is 24-6 san
5:56 am
diego. two minutes later, he goes 59 yards for the touchdown. the chargers are 4-4. kansas city is 1-7. college basketball kicks off tonight. mark turgeon and his team play indiana university. four returning players, city college is loaded with newcomers. game time at 7:00. one week from tonight they play kentucky. the blast open their season. >> 12 noon. >> thank you. >> coming up, thanks, but no thanks. utility crews were turned down after driving nearly 1,000 miles to try to help.
5:57 am
>> it seems the only consistent aspect of facebook these days is something will change. what will soon look different on your page. >> he is one of the most recognizable faces in hollywood. how george clooney may be related to one of the most recognizable faces in history. >> the weather will be nice and chilly going into the weekend. >> we are tracking some closures out there do to a water main break. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> crews working on two did the water main breaks in the city. >> possibly a winter

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